The tools you want and your patients need

We have the science-backed digital tools to encourage behavior changes while offering reimbursable tools that will add to your revenue. Targeting patients with metabolic syndrome, BMIs over 25, hypertension, or elevated blood pressure, we help you focus on prevention interventions.

Support your at-risk patients

Our platform makes it easy to help your patients sustain their health journey through automatic intervention programs. From nutrition education and blood-pressure monitoring you can empower real behavior change in your at-risk patients.

Healthy weight program
Support your patients who have elevated BMIs through our platform’s built-in educational programming. Offer in-depth nutrition, disease prevention, and behavior change strategies through ongoing monitoring to help your patients get healthier.
Hypertension prevention program
Better care for your hypertension patients through our digital self-monitored blood pressure (SMBP) tool. Informed by major medical associations and paired with the 5A behavior framework, our app’s SMBP makes it easy for patients to monitor blood pressure while making healthy lifestyle changes.
GLP-1 support
Be more involved in and better manage your patients’ healthy living journey by relying on and pairing real lifestyle changes with GLP-1 prescriptions. Your patients will sustain healthier lives by partnering with you, their primary care provider.
Get reimbursable care plans that add financial stability and improve health behaviors
How it works

Empower your patients

Our health behavior profile gets you to the part where you are helping your patients at the time of care. And with our app, you’ll have access to monthly coaching reports and remote monitoring services to observe and communicate with your patients without the hassle.

Comprehensive healthy living platform

Patient app - We deliver health behavior change interventions through a user-friendly mobile app.

Patient Kit - Using enrollment, we ship a Healthy Living Kit to the patients home.

Reports in your EHR - On a monthly cadence, our Smart Reports land in your enrolled patients' chart for your review.

Assessment - Our assessment is sent to the patient via text message pre-visit.

Seamless integration and reimbursement

Receive on-site training for each care team department to help with technical integration into your EHR. We’ll also help your billing team with reimbursement support.

Motivated patients and providers

Empower patients through the app’s 5A behavior framework to adopt achievable healthy lifestyle changes. And gain time to have better conversations with your patients to encourage positive change.
Illustrated legs in a walking pose in a PreventScripts styled frame.

Behavior change in numbers


Patients have lost 5% or greater of bodyweight


Reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure


Reduction in Diastolic Blood Pressure

“The ability to get the data in real-time and use it at the time you are seeing patients is the most helpful data you will get.”

– Dr. Robert Wilson, MD, PreventScripts customer

“PreventScripts works hard to make sure the product is easy to use.”

– Rachel Ward Clinic Manager and PreventScripts customer

“I have done really good on avoiding sugars and adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet.”

– PreventScripts patient

Take one walk and three vegetables and call me in the morning.
Change preventive care.
Take one walk and three vegetables and call me in the morning.
Change preventive care.