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The preventive health platform for a new era of care

Primary care providers are burned out. And patients want to focus on prevention. PreventScripts reconnects providers to their calling and motivates patients to go from uninspired to active and healthy.

platform Features

You were called to provide care. We’re called to help.

Our platform seamlessly integrates into your workflow, automating intervention programs that address elevated BMIs, hypertension, and GLP-1 support for your at-risk patients. And, your clinic will see an increase in revenue while you enjoy more peaceful days at the office.

Patient health behavior profile
Provide better customized care when you understand and determine your patients’ motivation, ability, and social determinants for behavior change through our validated survey results.
Remote patient monitoring
Prioritize your patients through automated device monitoring, reporting, and management that seamlessly integrates with your EHR. And stay connected by outsourcing our CMA to check in with your patients each month.
Patient mobile app & kit
Help your patients make small but important changes to their health. They’ll receive bluetooth-connected devices in the kit and access to our app to track and share results with you, their provider. 
Take one walk and three vegetables and call me in the morning.
Change preventive care.
Take one walk and three vegetables and call me in the morning.
Change preventive care.

Better health in baby steps

Our platform empowers you to partner with your primary care provider on a healthy living program tailored to help you take doable steps toward real behavior change. Covered by insurance, our app is easy to use to track healthy behaviors without all the hassle.

User-friendly interface

Get updates on your goals

See and share progress in real-time

We study behavior, so that we can change it.

Our approach takes the expertise of top-notch medical organizations and distills it into actionable, technology-driven solutions.

Calculate your increased revenue

See how quickly you can build a financially sustainable practice that serves more patients and helps them stay healthy.

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Helping people feel good feels good.

We envision a brighter, healthier future where preventive care is accessible to all. Driven by a shared goal of transforming the healthcare landscape, we foster a culture that encourages creativity, open communication, and continuous learning.

We’re transparent on pricing.

Healthcare companies love to hide their pricing. We don’t. Here’s how much our platform costs and a list of included features.

Concierge medicine


  • Patient app
  • Pre-visit health behavior questionnaire & scoring  
  • Patient health behavior profile with actionable recs
  • Clinical engagement portal
  • Platform license $300/month (up to 100 patients)
  • GLP-1 - $5/month
  • Patient healthy living kit (revenue share)
  • Additional patient licenses

Physician Group, FQHC, RHC

All the features on Concierge +


  • Billing/coder support for optimized claims processing and compliance.
  • Patient healthy living kit
  • Reimbursable interventions 
  • Team training & education
  • Patient support 
  • Clinical performance monitoring
  • Real-time chart updates
  • Device management 
  • $75 - $125 per month per PCP
  • $30 - $45 per month per patient
  • CMA $15/month
  • GLP-1 - $5/month

*Pricing available for attributed patients in "Advanced Payment Models"


Do you have more than 100 providers in your clinic? Learn how PreventScripts can help at scale. Contact for a custom quote.

Take one walk and three vegetables and call me in the morning.
Change preventive care.
Take one walk and three vegetables and call me in the morning.
Change preventive care.