Be in charge of your check-up

Feel more motivated to go from uninspired to active and healthy. Our platform is covered by your insurance and allows for easy integration of healthy behaviors into your unique lifestyle. And you’ll form a stronger relationship with your primary healthcare provider as you partner to track real progress.

Your roadmap to feeling better

The health and wellness industry is crowded and over-aspirational. Our tools make healthy living more accessible with the help of your trusted provider, empowering and guiding you to make small positive changes one health behavior at a time.

User-friendly interface

Get updates on your goals

See and share progress in real-time

Stats to back it up


Patients have lost 5% or greater of bodyweight


Reduction in diastolic blood pressure


Reduction in systolic blood pressure
How it works

Feel ready to talk to your provider

Our preventive assessment prepares you for your next scheduled primary care visit.  And with our Healthy Living Kit, you’ll receive free bluetooth-connected devices and other tools to improve your health behaviors and stay connected to your provider.

Set goals and track your progress

Our user-friendly app guides you through personalized goal setting, progress tracking, and positive behavior changes, so can partner with your primary care provider on what matters most.

Productive monthly check-ins

Stay accountable with your health goals and receive encouraging tips from monthly check-ins with a Certified Medical Assistant.

The right tools at the right time

Receive your Healthy Living Kit which includes a bluetooth scale, time marker water bottle, and waist circumference tape to track and automatically share daily progress with your provider.

“I’m finding it easier to turn down foods that aren’t that good for me and I’m not having bad sugar cravings like I was.”

– PreventScripts patient

“I’m down 11 pounds and my sugar is slowly coming down. Yesterday it was in a good range!”

– PreventScripts patient

“I signed up with PreventScripts and I haven’t taken any diet pills since.”

– PreventScripts patient

 We’re here to help with your health journey.
Support for patients
 We’re here to help with your health journey.
Support for patients