How does PreventScripts help my patients get healthier?

The PreventScripts program helps you identify and intervene with your patients who are at risk for developing diabetes and hypertension and who may already have a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome or obesity. Rather than refer out of your practice to a specialist or specific third party program, we help you implement a clinic based prevention program that brings in additional revenue to your practice and helps your patients get healthy. Our color coded platform helps soften the shame and difficulties in bringing up the conversation of lifestyle disease with your patients. We help you show your patients the numbers and encourage them to track their health behaviors as well as biometrics over time.

How does PreventScripts price their products?

There are a variety of pricing models which depend on the features of the product, integrations, and specific outcomes attained with the product. Many of us price our products in a SAAS model. SAAS models can be per patient, or they can be per provider. Tiered SAAS pricing is common and we use Tiered SAAS pricing at PreventScripts, for an unlimited number of patients. When evaluating digital health pricing models keep the following points in mind:

  1. The Physician user target of the digital health product. (is this a product for ALL physicians to use? or is this a specific product for a specific kind of physician)
  2. Incidence of the particular patient group that the digital health product. (Is this an intervention for a specific patient group? or is this a “portal” for the use of all patients”)
  3. Integrations with EHR. (PreventScripts Integration with your EHR takes 12 to 16 weeks and adds some cost.)

How do I get paid for using the PreventScripts Platform with my patients?

First, the PreventScripts implementation and training sessions include a high level overview of implementation and billing codes. Second, we dive into an in depth evaluation of your reimbursement expected within your payer contracts. Third, we train your clinical and billing staff on the codes generated with the Preventscripts platform in the context of your office workflow. On “ Go- live” day, you will begin implementing the platform and billing and coding for reimbursement.

How does PreventScripts address patient privacy?

At PreventScripts we take your patient’s privacy very seriously. Through PreventScripts you are offering a program to help engage and activate your patients. Your patients will consent to using the PreventScripts program and to your access of their remotely monitored data. Upon download they will accept our privacy policy here. Of course your patients may opt out of the program at any time.

How does PreventScripts keep patient data secure?

What about HIPAA? At PreventScripts we take your patients data security seriously. Our Chief Medical Officer reviews our User Access Permission Control policy quarterly. Patient data is encrypted at a 256 bit encryption level and is encrypted in motion and at rest.

What about malpractice?

Will my malpractice carrier cover remote monitoring? Each malpractice carrier will have a different policy for their coverage for remote monitoring. Our product is intended for the early intervention of patients who are overweight or obese and are in the pre-hypertension and/or prediabetic range. This is the group with the best potential to make iterative lifestyle changes and avoid chronic disease. Our stance is that early intervention and remote monitoring in this group of patients enhances the physician patient relationship lowering overall malpractice risk. The predisease group of patients is interently a lower risk group of patients in terms of their risk of an adverse outcome such as stroke related to an out of range biometric reading. Our software is color coded with evidence based advice regarding green, yellow, and red ranges. PreventScripts messaging triages the patient according to their biometrics including immediate ER evaluation for American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and Institute of Medicine ranges and recommendations. We recommend contacting your malpractice carrier regarding the PreventScripts program. Please notify us as we are pleased to speak with your carrier on your behalf. The preventive nature of our program qualifies with some med mal carriers as a risk management tool qualifying you for malpractice discounts.


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